Are you suffering from stress or anxiety? Panic attacks? Are you having problems sleeping?

Bernadette’s book “How to End the Worry Habit” and her video “Help Me Sleep” have been designed to eliminate worry and the anxiety and sleep deprivation issues that it creates.


Learn to Overcome Your Sleep Problems Woman suffering from InsomniaEvery night, thousands of people struggle to fall asleep or to stay asleep. For some, this is a short term problem. But for others, difficulty sleeping has become a severe on-going struggle. Read More
Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Executive Coach Psychologist  good image of me nowBernadette Farrell has worked as a Registered Psychologist for over twenty years helping people who were stressed, anxious, worried and sleep deprived. Read More
Learn How to End The Worry Habit                                                                  Worry 3Worry can be a debilitating and destructive habit. When it becomes excessive, it can lead to feelings of extreme anxiety and distress. But the good news is, the worry habit and the anxiety that it creates can be mastered in simple and effective ways. Read More
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How to end the worry habit                              “I would recommend anyone who suffers from anxiety and who has a tendency to worry to read this book.” Anxiety UK                                                                                           

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