Executive Coaching Psychologist Dublin

What Coaching can do for your Business

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Managers’ real concerns and challenges can never be dealt with in an open forum or during a group training session. This is the primary reason why individual coaching works best for this group.

Our One-2-One programme uses Behavioural Analysis in the coaching process.  This Analysis delivers ‘heightened awareness’ as the executive gains an understanding of his/her own strengths and challenges.  He/she then learns how to build on those strengths.  He/she also leans how to overcome and deal with any challenges that he/she may face.

In addition, he gains an understanding of his own communication and behavioural style and how it impacts on others. Through a process of self evaluation and personal change, significant improvements are made in his interpersonal relationships, including those with colleagues, customers and those who report to him.

Who Can Benefit from Coaching?

  • High potential executives, who need to develop leadership skills for the future
  • An executive who is struggling with new responsibilities or roles
  • Those with a challenging managerial style
  • Individuals who need help, to transition from one role to another

Problems that can be helped by Coaching

  • Delegation Difficulties
  • Communication or Confidence Issues
  • Difficulty knowing how to manage former peers
  • When interpersonal skills need to be improved
  • Where there are on-going unresolved issues/complaints
  • When an independent sounding board is needed

How does it Work?

The programme is run over a 6-8 week period (3 x 2-hour sessions) – follow up dates agreed with the client following each session.

There is telephone and email contact with me for the duration of the programme, should any challenges arise.

All consultations are held in strictest confidence and can be held off-site or on-site

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