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How Worry Affects You

how to end the worry habit bookWorry often takes the form of catastrophic ‘what if …’  type thinking. “What if the business goes to the wall?” What if she never recovers?” As you think in this calamitous way, your imagination kicks in, you are able to see the awful ‘what if’ scenario clearly in your mind’s eye.  

Because you can see it clearly in your mind’s eye, you believe that this scenario is real – you believe that this is in fact, what is going to happen. This belief, then has a knock on effect in your brain and in your body: Cortisol – your body’s stress hormone and adrenaline your body’s fight or flight hormone, increase in your system, making your heart beat faster, your breathing speed up, your muscles tense – your anxiety levels increase – you may even feel panic. 

“How to End the Worry Habit” will teach you, how to bring about an end to your anxiety and stress, by bringing about an end to your catastrophic ‘what if’ type thinking. You will learn how to identify, challenge and change the disturbing and distressing thoughts that are the root cause of your anxiety and worry.

“I would recommend anyone who suffers from anxiety and who has a tendency to worry to read this book.” Anxiety UK


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